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Daniela Libertad  |  Empujo puertas que debería jalar, jalo puertas que debería empujar

25.11.15 - 30.01.16



Over the course of a few years, Daniela Libertad’s work has taken different paths: text as drawing, word as statement, statement as form, the object, object as sculpture, object as a record of movement. Libertad, working off of certain concrete premises, has channeled her production into a variety of media. She approaches concepts via
an insistence on cycles and, through this, shows that the medium is both a record of the research process and the concept. Thus a circle is a pretext for action, that action is translated into video and that video is yet another pretext for recording a fleeting circle — in the same way that a gesture of the body is an imprint of its personal
space, of the reach of its arms, of a diameter centered on its axis.


—Jorge Ornelas



Bolsa Concreto, 2014
Plastic bag and concrete
Variable measures


From left to right:

Bolsa, yeso, vertical, 2014
Plastic bag, plaster, water
100 x 80 x 4 cm

8 peldaños, 2014
Wood, concrete
140 x 7.5 x 4 cm

Ensayo sobre circunferencia 11, 2014
Metal rods, interior wall, exterior wall
40 x 20 x .5 cm


Das Licht - La Luz, 2015
Video, 3’38’’
Aspect 16:9, HD PAL


Diagrama 46, 2015
Graphite on paper
98 x 70 cm