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Jacqueline Lozano | Construction-Deconstruction

November 26th - January 18th 2013



MARSO is proud to present the first solo show of artist Jacqueline Lozano in Mexico city, which also marks the first painting-centered show for the gallery. CONSTRUCTION / DECONSTRUCTION is a selection of the most recent work realized by Lozano based on research into formal questions about the contemporary construction of images. The artist tackles painting’s problematic issues with space, perspective, the superposition of planes and lines, as well as the incorporation of different materials on canvas and idiosyncratic uses of color.


The work in the exhibit is borne out of Lozano’s fascination with the construction of electronic circuitboards and computer information processors. Her observation of these small objects takes her to the study of structures and urban flow. Her pictorial compositions combine these elements and uncover the essential structures of these objects, while announcing a possibility of movement and evolution of forms. Through this, she intends to reach a conceptual freedom in which the nakedness of structures allows it to remain open to the unanticipated ideas of the spectator, thus crossing the line from spectator to collaborator. 


Jacqueline Lozano (1984) lives and works in León, Guanajuato, Mexico. In 2013 she was a recipient of the FONCA Young Creators award and was also selected to represent the artists of Guanajuato in a solo exhibition at the Festival Internacional Cervantino. She has received international recognition for her work, including the acquisition prize at the Tamayo Biennial. 



Corte rectangular No. 3, 2013

Oil paint on canvas, 120 x 170 cm



Fragmento de edificación No. 2, 2013

Oil paint on canvas, 170 x 120 cm.


Karyn Olivier

Winter hung to dry, 2014. 

Pirámide diseccionada No. 1, 2013

Oil paint on canvas, 170 x 120 cm.


Poliedro desmantelado No. 10, 2013

Oil paint on canvas, 128 x 98 cm


Pirámide compactada, 2013

Oil paint on canvas, 100 x 80 cm