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Daniela Libertad  |  Estudio sobre triángulo

The Museum of Human Achievement

Opening April 29th, 2016, 6:30 pm​


Estudio sobre triángulo is the result of a one month residence period at The Museum of Human Achievement. Over the course of  April,​ Daniela Libertad (Mexico City) explored the properties and components that comprise a triangle. By definition, a triangle is composed of three straight sides and three angles. 


​These​ three lines, bent at various yet specific angles together make the closed figure of a triangle. In the hands of Daniela Libertad, the properties that define the triangle are problematized in the most subtle, poetic ways. Turning them on  her subject matter, some of the questions that guided Daniela's investigation are What makes a line bend? How does an angle is formed? How to study the trajectory of a line? How does a human body reacts to straight lines?