Berlín 37, Col. Juárez​

06600, México, DF.

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Opening   Thursday, October 10th | 7 PM

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About the artist

Dalila Goncalves (Castelo de Paiva in 1982). There is in my work a process of dissection, of discovering the objects, the materials, the matters in all their layers until I can see inside of them. I’m talking about clearing grounds, at times of its plasticity, at times of its history, at times of its function, at times of everything simultaneously. I often do this through a process of poetic reorganisation of processes of collection, systematisation and inventory of everyday materials and matters, altered by industrial, natural, chronological and atmospheric processes – I emphasize their singularities, on what characterizes them and makes them unique.  Sometimes I freeze them separately in a specific state of the process of analysis; in other times, in a kind of experimental game, placing them in dialogue with other objects, I create narratives that can be documental or fictional.

Within a practice strongly focused on the process, I use video, photography, ceramics, sculpture and installation to address different lines of interest: the idea of ​​time as a medium and metaphor; the rescue; the obsolete; the experiential path between industry and the organic: between serial production and craftsmanship.


Degree in Painting from the Oporto School of Fine Arts (FBAUP), 2005
Masters Degree in Visual Arts Education (MA) from College of Psychology and Education Sciences University of Porto, Portugal, 2009
Gulbenkian Creativity and Artistic Creation Programme-Photography Course, 2008
2010/11Internship (under the scholarship programme Inov – Art, Portuguese Ministry of Culture) Ignasi Aballí Studio (Barcelona)
PhD (frequency), art and design. Fine Arts -Oporto