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Thomas Moor | Affiliate + Perform

November, 2014




Through a diversity of mediums—video works and performance, appropriated objects and photography— Swiss artist Thomas Moor presents viewers with quizzical images that mull over contemporary culture’s self-imposed systems of commerce.

He is particularly interested in how issues concerning the ongoing institutionalization of art production and practice relate to questions of art and valuation. Reflections of how art is being presented flow into his work as a formal and aesthetic vocabulary, challenging viewers to discover profound meaning in that which is easily and often overlooked: simple reflections, the floor beneath our feet, wall paint, or disposable, commonplace receipts.


Moor’s carefully staged artworks relate to the exhibition space as discursive space for presenting and mediating contemporary art; leading the viewer to the one or other aha-moment. By melting together the properties of art and its presentation, Moor creates his own soap opera- like narrative of the art world.


Sandino Scheidegger



Thomas Moor, born 1988 in Switzerland, currently lives and works in Zurich.

He is the 2014 recipient of the Nationale Suisse Art Prize and the Kiefer Hablitzel Award. His work has been exhibited internationally, including in exhibitions at the Museo d’Arte Lugano, Kunstmuseum Olten, and Stadtgalerie Bern, he made his New York debut in Don’t Talk to Strangers at Fresh Window Gallery, which is followed by solo shows at Marso in Mexico City and Rawart Gallery in Tel Aviv, Israel in 2015.


Vista de la exposición


Vista de la exposición


Vista de la exposición


Vista de la exposición