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Sarah Schönfeld  |  Seeing Double

March 2015 - April 2015



Seeing Double by Sarah Schönfeld is the culmination of Berlin-based artist’s residency at MARSO. The show examines the distinctions between Western and indigenous perspectives on healing. Using western objects, fetishized from an exchange value perspective, Sarah explores the possibility of imbuing them with the idiosyncratic indigenous notion of spirituality, producing an uncanny dialogue that speaks to the contemporary condition of meaning making. Reimagined as “magic tools,” the objects within the work coexist in a precarious space of liminality where categorical boundaries are blurred. Schönfeld conceptually foregrounds the mythological process of the hero’s journey as a narrative paradigm on healing, revealed in the exhibition through the use of synthetic materials. In Seeing Double, Schönfeld considers the dark humor borne in times of duress and, in the process, makes evident the paradoxical gravity of our times.


Sarah Schönfeld was born in 1979 in Berlin and studied at University of the Visual Arts Berlin from 1999 to 2006 with Lothar Baumgarten. She has exhibited internationally in Switzerland, Brazil, Italy and Tokyo and holds several grants such as Stiftung Kunstfonds Bonn, DAAD, Villa Aurora L.A. and Foam Talents award 2014.  She currently lives and works in Mexico City and Berlin.



Hallucination (Spiritual X-Rays)


Fruit like breath (Coke organ)


Seeing, hearing or feeling things that are not there (Shaman Coat)


Rainbow (from the series Collapse Paradise)


Taste perversion (Pills)


Collapse Paradise Series


From the series Collapse Paradise


Hallucination (Spiritual X-Rays)


Seeing, hearing or feeling things that are not there (Shaman Coat), detail.


Unusual thoughts or behavior (Fallen Pyramid)