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Sobre Negro |  Arturo Hernández Alcázar, Mario de Vega, Juan Pablo Macías

February 2015 - March 2015



MARSO and the trustees of La Ruta de la Amistad A.C. present SOBRE NEGRO, a project curated by Michel Blancsubé featuring the work of Arturo Hernández Alcázar, Mario de Vega, and Juan Pablo Macias. The exhibition is a pair of site-specific interventions in two spaces in Mexico City: MARSO gallery, an early twentieth century mansion, and the Tower of the Winds, a public sculpture / container by the Uruguayan artist Gonzalo Fonseca. The Tower of the Winds is one of 22 monumental sculptures that form La Ruta de la Amistad, a project by Mathias Goeritz and Ramirez Vazquez for the 1968 Olympic Games in Mexico.


The show is not only divided into two spaces but also two moments: the initial action and the resulting residue. Although they have different starting points, the works of each artist come together through contamination, overlap, and, finally, in a collision that dissolves and cancels the other.  The result is an amalgam that has been poured into the two architectural molds that hold the exhibition.


Arturo Hernández Alcázar (Mexico, 1978)

Arturo Hernández Alcázar has exhibited and completed residences in various Latin American and European cities. His sculptures, videos, installations, photographs, and drawings revolve around the idea of waste and its symbolic value in the current economic environment.


Mario de Vega (Mexico, 1979)

Mario de Vega lives and works in Berlin and Mexico City. Through site-specific interventions, process-oriented projects, sculpture and actions, Mario de Vega’s work brings attention to the capacities and shortcomings of human perception. His work has appeared in different contexts throughout North and South America, Europe, Russia, India, South Africa, Korea and Japan.


Juan Pablo Macías (México, 1974) 

Using actions, interventions, archive work, and editorial projects, Juan Pablo Macías generates tensions between institutions, art practice and the social sphere, by producing programs that operate directly on biological, social and economic bodies. His work has been shown in major art museums in Mexico and other countries.


Michel Blancsubé (France, 1958)

Michel Blancsubé is the curator of Fundación Jumex. He was associate curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Marseille between 1996 and 2001 and was in charge of the registration department of the Jumex Foundation from 2001 to 2012. During his career he has curated numerous exhibitions in Latin America and Europe.



Mario de Vega

Absentia, 2012-2014

Bell cast in bronze with the intention of staying silent until its destruction


Juan Pablo Macías

Ploblemas del momento en 9 estudios breves, 2014

Registration on drywall, 240 x 366 cm


Arturo Hernández Alcázar

Desaparición de evidencias (PEMEX), 2014

Wooden stick with metal tip and newspaper


Mario de Vega

Documentación de proceso de fundición realizado en Tlahuetompa México, 2013

63 printings.


Juan Pablo Macías

Printing Oiticica (The anarchist doctrine accesible to all) (Metaesquema, 1957), 2014

Video HDVB/N, book with chain and ring, brass seal


Arturo Hernández Alcázar

Estado precario de la memoria (desaparición de archivos/reconstrucción de la memoria), 2015

Metal shelves , dead file, and materials exposed to an explosion of gunpowder and diesel


Mario de Vega

Poliuretano modificado con microondas, 2015

Polyurethane , copper, steel , microwave. 3.5 cm each.


Arturo Hernández Alcázar

Prueba de humo (desaparición de archivos/reconstrucción de la memoria), 2015

Video HD


Sobre Negro, exhibition view.